Shaklee Review: Mindworks

Shaklee Review: Mindworks

How’s your memory lately? Can you honestly remember everyone who comes up to you and says, “Hi, it’s been too long! How have you been?”

A mental decline can start off with simple things like forgetting a person’s name. Life with poor memory, focus, and concentration is not how anyone wants to live.
Forgetting your keys is one thing, but forgetting you left your child at the supermarket is serious.

Luckily, scientific breakthroughs have made it possible for us to live better today. We don’t have to blame old age anymore for all these mental health issues our great-grandparents faced. Studies have shown that you can regenerate your brain cells, even with advanced age.

With the right nutrition, physical and mental training, you can remember people and things as well as any 20-year-old. Wouldn’t you like to stay mentally alert and PRESENT in whatever situation you’re in?

Your Declining Brain

Neural Connections Start Declining Early

By the time you reach your 20s, your brain loses at least 10,000 neurons a day. Add aggravating factors like smoking and stress into the mix and you could lose up to 30 times more neurons than that.

Imagine how many connections you’ve lost by the time you reach 40, 50, or 60.

By age 45, this decline occurs even more rapidly, which may lead to increased frequency of forgetfulness, poorer concentration and slower reaction times.

The most obvious takeaway from all this: the more connections you lose, the poorer your brain performs and the higher your risk for cognitive disorders.

There’s no better day to build those protective blocks than today. It’s much easier to do now than waiting for the worst until it’s too late. Until an “off” day becomes one bad day after another. This is what life is like for people with serious brain health issues like Alzheimer’s or major clinical depression.

Building a Healthy, Active Brain is our First Line of Defense Against Aging.

The good news is, we don’t have to do anything expensive or complicated to take care of our brain. Through a combination of a healthy diet, exercise, and nutritional supplementation, we can keep our cognitive abilities longer, and work to regain abilities we might have already lost.


Shaklee’s Basic H2 Means Healthy Home

Introducing Shaklee Mindworks.

Shaklee MindWorks

Shaklee has spent five years developing a supplement to keep your brain functioning at peak performance as you age. They even sponsor research in academic institutions and other research organizations to have outside validation proving that their products do what they say they will do.

Few companies we know of do that!

It’s amazing when you check out their track record for scientific research. They’re actually America’s number one natural nutritional company and even created the first multivitamin in 1915.

Balance is everything for mental health. Shaklee realized that to unlock the brain’s fullest potential, you need a proportionate amount of brain-boosting nutrition, physical and mental activity, and supplements that the brain can readily accommodate.

MindWorks contains nutrients shown in laboratory studies to promote the formation of new neural connections in the brain, and in a clinical study to reduce brain shrinkage rate.

Shaklee MindWorks Ingredients

Besides being packed with ingredients like B Vitamins and calcium, Shaklee MindWorksincludes an exclusive chardonnay grapeseed extract and specially selected guarana extract.

MindWorks ingredients

This chardonnay grape seed polyphenol blend is unique to Shaklee. Made with a patent-pending extraction process that concentrates specific polyphenols, clinically proven to be more quickly absorbed into our bodies and impact blood vessel function. This extract helps make vital nutrients available to the brain by supporting healthy circulation.

MindWorks’ carefully selected and extensively tested guarana extract helps improve cognitive performance and contains less caffeine than a medium cup of decaf coffee. Note: guarana has a long tradition of use by Amazonian Indian tribes.


The Science Behind MindWorks.

Scientific studies have shown that the key ingredients in MindWorks work in three ways:

1) Support Cognitive Function and Memory

Shaklee’s Basic H2 Means Healthy Home


    • Provide temporary improvement in cognitive performance*
    • Immediate improvement in memory and focus* 3X better than the control group.
    • Over time, neural connections become less efficient, impairing our ability to recall, think, and respond.
    • They showed guarana extract, a key nutrient in MindWorks,  to significantly enhance memory and improve reaction time in multiple clinical studies.

    *At six hours versus control


2) Support Healthy Circulation

Shaklee’s Basic H2 Means Healthy Home



  • Impact circulation to the brain
  • Blood circulation is critical for delivery of oxygen and key nutrients to the brain; it’s linked to neural activity.
  • In a double-blind Shaklee employee pilot test, circulation (as reflected by skin temperature) was enhanced after a single serving of Chardonnay grape seed extract, one of the key ingredients in MindWorks.


3) Help Brain Function During Aging

Shaklee’s Basic H2 Means Healthy Home


  • Protects against age-related mental decline+
  • They showed the three B vitamins (folic acid, B6, and B12) in MindWorks helped reduce the brain shrinkage rate by 30% over two years (based on a two-year study of 223 adults with mild cognitive impairment). Particularly in individuals with elevated homocysteine levels


Shaklee Review: MindWorks

One of the great things about  MindWorks  is you’ll notice an immediate improvement in your mental clarity and focus. So, besides supporting long-term brain health, you also get immediate and short-term benefits. Plus, there are virtually no negative side-effects! It is a 100% plant-based formula, with no allergens except for soy extract.



MindWorks Testimonials:

Many people have reported positive results using MindWorks. Below is just a few of the many testimonials.

“My memory loss was really starting to bother me.”
I tend to shy away from testimonials because they are not scientific. I found something that works so well that I’m doing what I never thought I’d do: sharing my testimony about Shaklee’s MindWorks.

The first day of taking MindWorks I felt a gentle mental awakening with more clarity but I wasn’t paying too much attention. Then one day, the same week, in class I found myself on the other side of the room – totally engaged in the subject realizing I had just taught 30 minutes without looking at my notes! Next day – same thing! Whoot! Whoot!!! Right now I am just tickled pink to get my brain back!!

– Susan Bartz Herrick
Fayetteville, NC

“I noticed a difference right away in my ability to stay focused”
I started taking MindWorks a couple of weeks ago. While I already take several other supplements, I noticed a difference right away in my ability to stay focused, learn new things at my job and be able to have all day long productivity.

– Sonia Stopher Powell
Georgetown, KY

“23rd Psalm … remembered”
“For at least 28 years my husband and I have said the 23rd Psalm together at bedtime. I know it was at least that long because our youngest daughter Sarah, who is 28, could say it by the time she was two from listening to us. In recent months, even though we had said it every night for so long that you’d think it would be automatic, we found ourselves struggling and grasping to remember what came next. I blamed it on my stressed out overtired caregiver brain. Two weeks ago we started using Shaklee’s new MindWorks product. On day seven Bruce said to me, “Did you notice that we said the whole 23rd Psalm right through without hesitation?” Ever since then, we’ve said it smoothly, without any struggle to think of what comes next!“
–Mary Jackson

The earlier you take steps toward a healthier brain, the well-guarded you are from cognitive impairment.

Think of how much better life could be if you had a better memory and sharper focus.  Think of the peace of mind you’d have from long-term protection for age-related brain degeneration.


 7 Ways to Improve Your Memory, Focus and Reduce Mental Decline.

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