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Our Shaklee Story…

It all started with a small step…

We, like a lot of people, got into Shaklee in a small way. We tried some of Shaklee’s cleaning and laundry products.

And we noticed some small things.Shaklee Basic H

Our cats would run to their food bowls when we put them down after washing the floor with Shaklee’s Basic-H. With other cleaners, they stayed away.

Little red pimples on my shoulders started to go away when using the Shaklee laundry products. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was allergic to dryer sheets. And my shirts were cleaner looking.

Like I said … small things, but they made a difference.

Then we found out Shaklee made vitamins and nutritional supplements. I had never taken a vitamin before, but my wife Suzanne had taken lots of them, all in an effort to combat the fatigue she was feeling. It’s called Fibromyalgia now, but back then there was no name for it. And as she took the Shaklee supplements, she started to feel better – a lot better. And now the small act of taking Shaklee started to make a big difference in our lives.

We switched over to Shaklee products, changing brands we used before to the Shaklee equivalent. In the process, we were starting to buy a lot of products, so I asked Suzanne to find out if there was a way we could get a discount.

From Saving Money to Making Money

We talked with the person we were buying Shaklee from and found out you could become a Shaklee member and save 15% across the board, or you could become a Shaklee distributor and save even more based on the volume of products purchased by you and anyone you shared them with.

That was cool, but the part that most intrigued us was that as a Shaklee Qualified Distributor you could create a significant cash flow by duplicating your efforts through teaching people how to share Shaklee with others. We liked the idea of earning residual income where you could get paid for the rest of your life!

We were doing okay financially, but I was moving around the country and every time we moved from one city to the next Suzanne had to quit her job, so her career wasn’t doing well at all. She was looking for something that couldn’t be taken away from her if we moved again. Something where she was her own boss. Shaklee was the perfect fit.

All’s Well Health and $1K on the Side

All's Well Health Shaklee Distributor booth
Our Shaklee product display circa mid-1990’s.

So we signed up as a Qualified Distributor and called our little home business All’s Well Health. We chose that name because we wanted to focus on all areas of health — physical, environmental and financial health! A few months later we earned our first $1000 check! We were thrilled as now we had a new residual income stream going that more than paid for all the Shaklee products we were using.  Plus, since we switched brands to Shaklee, our monthly grocery bills were a lot less!

Fast-forward to the year 2000. Our Shaklee business now gives us several thousand dollars a month. A decent full-time income for working part-time.  Even better, we continued to build a passive residual income stream and we were having more fun being our own boss with Shaklee then working for someone else.

With the growth of the Internet and Shaklee launching personal websites our Shaklee business CHANGED from a do-it-at-home business to a do-it-anywhere business, so we decide to take the leap and make Shaklee our “full-time” focus.

Shaklee Multi-Million Dollar Earners

What a great decision that was. Since January 2000 we’ve earned over two million dollars in Shaklee! Gone on fantastic all-expense paid trips, have friends all over the country. Now we have both financial freedom and time freedom to live our lives on our terms. It can happen to you too! Over 2,000 Shaklee business owners like us have earned over a million dollars in their Shaklee career. And Shaklee has paid out over $7 billion in bonuses to their distributors.

And just as rewarding, we’ve helped thousands of people live healthier lives. And mentored many others to live more prosperous lives while making their dreams happen with Shaklee.

The Shaklee Dream Plan

Shaklee Dream Plan. All's Well Health. Shaklee DistributorDreams get fulfilled because of the patented Shaklee Dream Plan. The most achievable and rewarding compensation program in Shaklee’s illustrious 60+ year history. The Dream Plan provides you a way to earn career income quickly; offering cash, cars, and trips to people even at the very early stages of their business.

It literally helps make dreams come true!

Whether you want to try a few products, become a Member and get a 15% discount on Shaklee products for life. A Preferred Member eligible for free shipping on orders of $150 or more. A Distributor to get deeper discounts on your products and put some extra money in your pocket. Or a Qualified Distributor to earn career income and create the life of your dreams, we’re here to assist you.

Thank you for taking the time to read our Shaklee story. Feel free to contact us with any questions. We look forward to being of service.


Yours in Health and Wealth,


All's Well Health - Shaklee Distributor

Carl and Suzanne LaFlamme

Your Shaklee Distributor

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