Simple Ways to a Healthy Home

Simple Ways to a Healthy Home

We spend a lot of our time indoors at home. So the quality of our indoor environment can impact our health. A Healthy Home is the safest, cleanest place in the whole world.

We’ve put together simple things you can do to make your home healthier. And, as it turns out, what’s good for your home is good for the earth and everyone else on it, too. So let’s get started making your home a healthy home.

1. Get the Dirt on Toxic Chemicals.

Educate yourself about the toxic chemicals you bring into your home at

2. Have a Clean-For-All.

Put on the gloves and get rid of the nasty stuff in your home. Responsibly, of course. Your local waste collection service has guidelines for proper household hazardous waste disposal, as well as collection sites for things like paint, batteries, and cleaners. Whatever you do, please don’t toss this stuff in the garbage.

3. Welcome Healthy into Your Home.

Commit to carefully considering everything that crosses Products for a Healthy Homeyour doorstep. Here are some safe things to bring in and do to create a truly healthy home.


4. Clean Up our Collective Home.

Make the earth healthier for all of us who call it home by using these things in your healthy home:Healthy Home Healthy Earth

  • Energy Star-rated appliances. Save money and energy.
  • Low-flush toilet. Replace the largest user of water in your house. Ultra-low flushers cut water use by one-fifth.
  • Low-flow showerheads. Same pressure. Less water.
  • Your flicker finger. Turn off lights and appliances when you’re not using them.
  • Gray water system. Install one to recycle used household water for your lawn.
  • Tankless water heater. Save money, energy, and space in the broom closet.
As you can see, there are lots of little things you can do to turn your home into a healthy home, that collectively can make a big difference in your health, and in our environment. Make a goal of choosing one of the healthier alternatives listed every month and in a year’s time, you’ll have a healthy home for you and your family.