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Welcome! We’re Suzanne and Carl LaFlamme, owners of All’s Well Health.

Our Mission is to create a better world by helping people live a longer, healthier and more prosperous life.

To fulfill that mission we’ve partnered with the Shaklee Corporation. Shaklee is the #1 Natural Nutrition Company in the U.S. and an environmental leader for over 60 years. We’re proud to be associated with a company that has made such a positive difference in the world and in the lives of millions of people.

To fulfill that mission, we’ve also put together this blog.  All’s Well Health means “all is well” in the three most important areas of health –physical, environmental and financial.

First, your Physical Health. You know, everybody says their physical health, when they think about it, is the most important asset they have. Yet most people don’t take care of themselves as well as they could. We want to help you make informed choices when it comes to your physical health. To provide you with health articles, proven products, and tools that offer reliable, trustworthy information and clinically proven products to make it easy to build a lifetime of better health.

Click the Physical Health tab to find product solutions and health articles addressing ways you can both look and feel younger longer and enjoy optimal health at every stage of life. And do note that all products purchased here come with an unconditional money-back guarantee.

The second area of health we focus on is Environmental Health. We now know that our environment, both indoor and outdoor, affects our health. Click the Environmental Health tab for a selection of green, toxic-free, biodegradable household cleaning products. Plus articles on creating a toxic-free home environment. How to build your immune system to avoid colds and flu and protect yourself from viruses. Information and products that will help turn your home environment into a healthy place to live.

The third area of health we focus on is Financial Health. Why financial? Because chances are when money is tight you’ll cut back on taking good care of your health. Poor financial health often leads to doing away with things like buying organic food and vitamins. Canceling your gym membership. And going without some of the little luxuries that make life more enjoyable. And gaining a lot more stress.

Click the Financial Health Tab for articles on prosperity thinking and living, ways to save money, and how you can partner with us to earn free products. Make $1000 on the side working part-time. Build a new revenue stream for future investments. Or start a new career that can earn you a six-figure income, plus rewards like car payments and all-expense-paid vacations.

What aspect of your health is the pressing need right now?

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Thank you again for visiting our blog and reading through this post. We hope to earn your trust to become one of your key wellness partners.


Yours in Health,

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