Can’t Swallow Pills? Here’s How.

We often hear from clients,  “I can’t swallow vitamins, what can I do?!”

From a psychological standpoint, many people think of vitamins like drugs. And so they don’t want to take a “bunch of pills”.  And if they have to take a vitamin “pill” they’d rather swallow one pill than three.

Other times it’s the physical act of swallowing itself that’s the problem. Especially with a multivitamin that is bigger. Note: Multi-vitamins are bigger because they provide an assortment of nutrients often including calcium which is a bulkier mineral.

Regardless if the issue  is physical or  psychological, the good news is that there’s an easy way to be able to swallow vitamins!

Our simple, 3-step Easy to Swallow Vitamins Solution.

1) Use a thicker drink like an orange juice, chocolate milk, smoothies etc.
2) Use a straw.
3) Put a vitamin in your mouth, take a drink from the straw and then swallow.

The action of sipping on a straw opens up the back of your throat and makes it easy to swallow any pill.

If you want to skip the three step solution above, because you’re on the run or don’t have a straw, then remember when taking a vitamin to sip a beverage and then lower your chin when you swallow. Do not throw your head back, as mant people do, because that action closes your throat.

While the above procedursa will do the trick for the vast majority of people. If you just don’t like swallowing  pills, period, consider a powder form of multivitamin that you can mix with water or juice. Note: powder is better than a liquid multivitamin because the latter is limited in the amount of nutrients it can provide.

The powdered multivitamin we recommend is called Citriboost Citriboost contains 100% of the Daily Value of vitamins A, C, D, and E plus all eight B vitamins. It delivers more calcium and Vitamin D than a regular 8oz glass of milk. Even better, Citriboost includes acidophilus to help promote long-term digestive health and eliminate digestive problems like gas, constipation, diarrhea and bloating.