Multi Supplements: Beyond the Multivitamin

Multi Supplements: Beyond the Multivitamin

When it comes to vitamins, some health professionals claim you can get all the vitamins you need in the food that you eat. And you know what? They’re right – sort of.

RDA levels for vitamins

That’s because the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) suggests an intake of vitamins just enough to prevent acute deficiencies. For instance, the RDA for Vitamin C is 60mg — a level to prevent scurvy. (BTW, a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study found that 6 to 8 percent of the general population still had scurvy-level deficiencies!)

So yes chances are the food you eat can meet the minimum RDA levels for vitamins considered adequate for most healthy individuals.

But let’s face it. Who wants to aspire to adequate? Or have health just above the level of not getting scurvy?

Also, times have changed since they set the last RDA levels in 1968. In today’s modern world, the standard American diet (SAD for short) comprises a lot more fast food and processed food.

By the time processed food reaches you, it may have been shipped, stored, trimmed, blanched, frozen, canned, condensed, dehydrated, pasteurized, sterilized, smoked, cured, milled, roasted, cooked, toasted or puffed. After any combination of those tortures, whatever nutrition is left is then liable to be depleted by heat, light, oxygen, metal catalysts, irradiation, and other processes. Not to mention getting thrown into a microwave before you eat it.

Also, according to the United States General Accounting Office, almost 80% of the additives in foods are cosmetic. Instead of the bright yellow color and tangy-sour taste of lemonade, we get sodium caseinate and artificial flavoring, and instead of the deep ebony color and rich dark flavor of real chocolate pudding, we get cotton-based synthetics. “An increasing proportion of food we eat is no longer food but is now a conglomerate of high-priced chemistry experiments designed to simulate food.” (Sitt 1981:72)


Look at the state of our diet and health in American today compared to just 20 years ago.


Despite the increases in diseases, the rise of fast foods and processed foods, according to the conventional view, many doctors, and even some nutritionists, still, consider vitamin intakes above the RDA minimum level unnecessary.

Achieving your optimal health means going way beyond what traditional nutrition/vitamin recommendations consider to be sufficient. And a multivitamin is just the start. Especially for those with genetic dispositions to certain diseases. Or people with poor diets or who often eat on the run. And especially for those who are wellness-focused and wanting to stay healthier, longer.

Beyond the Multivitamin: Shaklee Vitalizer – Advanced Nutrition

A good multivitamin takes a shotgun approach to supplementation by providing additional nutrients of a variety of vitamins and minerals. (For more information on a good multivitamin read our article What Makes a Great Multivitamin). However, a multivitamin is not a probiotic, so it doesn’t do much for your digestive health. It doesn’t contain fish oil that can help reduce the risk of heart disease — the #1 killer in America. A good multivitamin doesn’t offer a full spectrum of antioxidants, nor enough calcium.  A good multivitamin fills some nutritional gaps.  But it doesn’t provide everything your body needs.

That’s why Shaklee created Vitalizer. A daily multi-supplement strip based on 12 clinical studies, to provide nutritional support for just about every organ and system in your body. Vitalizer includes an advanced multivitamin along with a full spectrum of anti-oxidants, a full spectrum of omega-3 fatty acids for heart and brain health, and a probiotic for better digestive health.

The multi-patented Vitalizer also features S.M.A.R.T. technology — a cutting edge delivery system designed to improve absorption of key nutrients by ensuring you get the right nutrients released at the right place in your body at the right time.

The nutrition in Vitalizer goes well beyond what one person could eat in a typical day. You’d have to eat all the following to get the nutritional benefit of taking one daily Vitalizer strip.

Because of all this nutritional support, the Vitalizer daily multi supplement strip delivers an array of health benefits, including healthier skin, hair, and nails. Nutritional support for nerve and muscle function, heart and lung health. Better digestive balance, immune support, healthier teeth, and gums, clearer thinking, more energy, and vitality. And the list goes on and on*.

Vitalizer comes in three different formulations: Vitalizer Men, Vitalizer Women, (also an excellent prenatal/postnatal multi supplement choice) and Vitalizer Gold for adults over 50.

Discover life beyond the multivitamin with Shaklee’s best-selling Vitalizer daily multi supplement strip. (NOTE: Purchase Vitalizer and get a FREE lifetime Shaklee membership ($19.95 value) saving you 15% off retail price on all Shaklee products along with other member offers. Put Vitalizer on Autoship to get it conveniently shipped to you every month and save an additional 10%).


Beyond the Multivitamin: Shaklee Vitalizing Plan

Shaklee Vitalizing PlanIt takes nine essential amino acids daily from protein to start every process in the body. It also takes certain combinations of vitamins and minerals to digest and use our food and fight free radicals that damage our cells. To start your day right, Shaklee created Vitalizing Plan which combines the daily Vitalizer multi-supplement strip with the Shaklee Life Shake. Together the Vitalizing Plan gives you a complete meal with the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs, plus the nine essential amino acids and the energy you get from a complete protein.

With delicious flavors to choose from, Life Shake increases your energy and keeps you feeling full and satisfied. And it’s available in Plant Protein and Soy Protein formulas. Also in a Stevia Free Soy Protein formula.

Vitalizing Plan with Vitalizer and the Life Shake provides 30 days worth of nutritional benefits including:

  • Increased energy and satiety.
  • Clinically-proven to help you reach and maintain a healthy weight.†
  • Easy to digest, promotes regularity and digestive comfort.
  • 23 essential vitamins and minerals clinically-proven to support heart, brain, vision, bone, immune, and overall health.
  • 20g of complete protein with nine essential amino acids.
  • 6g Fiber
  • Low glycemic.
  • Sugar-Free.
  • Cholesterol-Free.
  • Gluten-Free.
  • Dairy-Free
  • Non-GMO.
  • Vegan
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee

†As part of the Shaklee 180 Weight Management Program. Clinical study participants replaced two meals with Shaklee Life Shakes daily along with a 45-minute exercise program twice weekly. To see the full details of Life Shake clinical study CLICK HERE. For more information on the Shaklee 180 Weight Loss Program CLICK HERE.


Beyond the Multivitamin: Shaklee Life Strip 

Now if you’re looking for the best and most comprehensive multi-supplement strip in the world. Way beyond what any multivitamin can provide. Even beyond Vitalizer. Then you want the Shaklee Life Strip.  Every serving of the Life-Strip is the culmination of years of research and quality testing to guarantee delivery of pure and potent vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids, polyphenols, antioxidants, and phytonutrients to help create the foundation for a longer, healthier life.*

The Shaklee Life-Strip includes Vivix — one of the biggest nutritional breakthroughs in aging and longevity. The Vivix® Liquigels contain a triple-patented, all-natural blend of diverse and powerful polyphenols designed to help protect and repair DNA to slow aging at the cellular level®.* Key ingredients have been shown in laboratory studies to activate cellular defenses, neutralize free radicals, slow the shortening of telomeres, and slow the development of damaging AGE proteins that may accumulate and lead to cellular aging.* For more information on this “breakthrough supplement” read our article The Age-Defying Benefits of Vivix.

Shaklee Life Strip Overview
Shaklee Life Strip


Beyond the Multivitamin: Shaklee Life Plan – Feel Amazing in 30 Days

Shaklee Life PlanThe Shaklee Life Plan is the result of the foremost scientific research and decades of studies, designed to bring you the essential nutrients for a healthy life. Combining the Life Energizing Shake and Life-Strip, the plan promotes every aspect of your health—with nutrients clinically proven to help provide the foundation for a longer, healthier life.* With 35 patents and patents pending, it’s the most scientifically advanced and most comprehensive nutritional system in the world.

The Shaklee Life Plan will help you feel amazing in less than 30 days. In fact, in an independent study, 94% of people taking the Shaklee Life Plan noticed positive results in less than 3 weeks!**


Make the healthy choice of incorporating the Shaklee Life Plan into your life. Simply replace one meal with the Life Plan. Chances are you’ll save money choosing the Life Plan over a typical restaurant breakfast or lunch. Then experience for yourself how much better you feel! While at the same time giving your body what it needs to create the foundation for a longer, healthier life.



*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

** Independent in-home usage test was conducted by Stamford Marketing Field Research, Inc. with 220 adults in 4 regions in the9 U.S. Participants were instructed to take one Shaklee Life Shake and one Life-Strip daily for 30 days.