Moms making a difference in their children's lives and a whole lot of money!

As a Momprenuer with us you don’t have to decide between work and family. As one of the top rated home businesses for women, our partner company has paid over $7 Billion dollars to Moms and other people who want the flexibility of working from home. Join our team and design your own schedule, be your own boss, make an extra thousand on the side or a six-figure income in a new career– there’s no glass ceiling on what you can earn!

Watch the 3-minute video to the right and read the testimonials below from other Mompreneurs. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page to schedule a 30 minute presentation with us where we well go over all the details. As a Mom who wants more for yourself and your family, you’re going to love what we can offer!

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Benefits of a Shaklee Home Business

  • Huge Rewards: Cash, Cars and Trips

Dream Plan SquareWith a Shaklee home business stay-at-home parents can end up earning more money part-time from home than their spouse does full-time at work. Plus, you can earn a car bonus– you pick out the car, Shaklee makes the payments. You can also earn all-expense paid vacations to places like Mexico, Hawaii, Bermuda or bucket list trips to places like Paris, Bora Bora, Italy and more!

  • Tax Savings

canusemoremoneyBy starting a Shaklee home business in your spare time you begin to gain the tax advantages of the wealthy. Working from home can allow you to claim a percentage of things like internet, power, phone, rent or mortgage, vehicle costs, and more. The average person earns around $4500 a year in tax savings. That’s almost a $100 a week extra in your pocket!

  • Autonomy and Freedom

Dont believe in punching time cardWith a Shaklee home business you are your own boss. You get to decide when to work, where to work and even how much to earn.  You get paid what you’re truly worth and you can grow your income with no glass ceiling.

  • No Risk Turnkey Business

Corner Office AnywhereA Shaklee home business is a turnkey business. That means everything is set up for you to “turn the key” and start earning right away. And you don’t have the risk of a typical business. That’s because there’s no huge inventory to have on hand, employee’s to hire, or office space to lease. Startup costs are super low – just a few hundred dollars — which is insignificant compared to a traditional business.

  • Passive Residual Income

One of the greatest benefits of a Shaklee home business is to be able to build passive residual income. Residual income allows you to earn money even when you are not working. Most people do not get paid unless they are on the clock, their store is open, they are billing clients, producing products or at the office. Passive residual income can also become a financial legacy you can leave for your children. There are many 2nd, 3rd even 4th generation Shaklee businesses!

  • Free Training and Support

TF logoAt Team Freedom we work as a team. Your Team Leader will work with you hands-on, until you’ve mastered a couple of easy skills and are making over $1000 a month. If you’ve tried a home business before and didn’t get the support you wanted, our Team Freedom team approach to training and support will make all the difference!

Next Step.

The next step is for you to schedule a Better Life presentation with us where you can be in front of a computer. In 30 minutes we will show you exactly what we do, how you get paid, and more specifics about our company partner.

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We look forward to meeting with you and showing you a way to be there for your kids, AND make a significant financial contribution to your family.

To Your Success,

Carl and Suzanne LaFlamme

Team Leaders, Team Freedom

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